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Our Journey

Our Journey

We are focused on providing quality 100% human hair extensions and products. There are many hair extensions companies to choose from, what makes Kesini Beauty unique is that our hair extensions are tested and certified as 100% human hair by an independent laboratory. We are on a mission to ensure that in addition, to our hair being 100% human, that it is sourced responsibly.

Our journey began when I was first introduced to dolls. I had a natural ability and love for hair. I moved on from dolls to my younger sister’s hair. Approximately, at the age of eight, I’d comb through Essence and Ebony magazines to get the latest style that ranged from cornrows to intricate braiding patterns, and my sister Kim would patiently indulge me as I tried to mimic the styles seen in the magazines. I had a love for hair and it didn’t matter whether the lengths were long, straight, curly, or kinky. When I was blessed to have daughters, I was overjoyed, because I had the opportunity to extend my talents on to them. I had plans to enroll in beauty school, but that wasn’t the plan God had for me.

However, through the years I’ve earned advanced degree and managed millions of dollars and teams of over 500.  Additionally, I have had the opportunity to educate small businesses in how to increase their revenues and staff. To date, I have worked with over 1,000 small businesses in New York City. 

My desire to own a business never faltered as I am the owner of two small businesses: a boutique publishing company and a hair extensions company. As you can see, my journey for hair never ended; even though it took 44 years.

Our journey as a company makes us equipped to lead others in becoming successful salon owners and business people. On the surface, we look like a regular hair company, but we are much more. We help people to build legacies and empires through our systems and products. Our vision is to turn passions into sustainable business models.

To learn more about our hair collection or if you want to find out how we can help you start or grow your hair salon business, feel free to contact us by phone or email: Telephone: 800-478-4019 or Email:




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