Preserve Your Natural Hair Underneath The Weave

Weaves provide an option for women who want to change their look with longer lengths, colors, and or textures. Protective styling is a great way to preserve your natural hair. 

However, wearing a weave requires proper maintenance and should be taken care of as if it grew out of your scalp, or else you run the risk of severely damaging your natural hair.

Hair damage has increased with protective styling. Braid patterns can be too tight and pull hair from the hairline and even cause hair loss. Wearing weaves consistently without any breaks is one of the significant factors that cause alopecia.

Here are a few tips to keep your weave and natural hair looking flawless and healthy:

Select Quality Hair Extensions in Textures Resembling your Natural Hair

Human hair will cost more than synthetic hair. However, it's significantly better for your hair and lasts longer. Wearing a weave is an investment. Invest in the best.

Stay Away from Adhesives or Glue

Sew-ins can be healthier for your hair if not done tightly. Weaving nets are favored by some hairstylists to help preserve your hair, as well. The goal is to use a method that causes the least amount of damage. 

Handle your Extensions with Care

Once your extensions are installed, comb delicately from the bottom to abstain from pulling out or generally harming your hair. Some extensions are prone to tangling, so don't yank the brush through when you detangle. Use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush.

Keep It Light & Simple

Avoid the use of heat on your hair and extensions. If you have leave it out, you must match your extensions. You don't require styling items to keep up your weave, nor should you utilize heat (flat irons, hair curlers). You want to minimize the use of heavy products on your extensions as well. However, some textures require more moisture, such as curly patterns. I like to use a little Argan oil on my hair to keep them moist and healthy-looking. 

Sorry, You Have to Remove Your Weave at Some Point

It is suggested that you do not keep your install longer than three months. Your natural hair is growing healthy underneath, and you must allow them to breathe. :) One way to know it is time to remove your weave is when your tracks begin to loosen. I know some of us will get it retighten... However, I suggest that you remove it. When I wear a weave, I usually keep it in for four to five weeks. When I remove it, I am always amazed at how much my hair has grown. Healthy hair is the goal. 

Weaves are great way to protect your natural hair or change your look, but please do not neglect your natural hair.


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