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How to Take Charge of Securing Your Wig

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When it comes to wearing wigs, people often get nervous. No one wants to wear a wig and feel like since it’s windy it might blow off or if you wear the wig that it’s going to slide it back and everyone is going to know your secret. A few tips to help secure your wig, so no one knows your secret.

1. Your base is important. You want your wig to lay as flat as possible.

  • If you have short hair, it’s pretty easy to lay it flat. You can try molding your hair and make it lay flatter. Then put your wig cap on top, if you’re brown skin or darker consider getting a brown nude cap. If you’re a lighter complexion, a nude cap will work perfectly. 
  • If you have medium length hair, try braiding or flat twisting your hair. If you’re wearing a straight wig, consider braiding because it’ll help to lay your wig flatter, if it’s curly you can twist or braid, the foundation won’t matter as much. If you have longer length hair, wrap your hair, if you can’t braid, or a low ponytail. You can also braid or twist your hair as well. 

Now that your foundation is taken care of, it’s time to move on to the security. Security is important, and there are multiple ways to get your wig secure.

2. Try a wig grip band
A wig grip is a double-sided piece of Velcro. It will help your wig to stay on and save your edges. You can get these from Amazon, or some online beauty supplies will sell them.

3. Combs or clips
Combs or clips will help to lock your wig in place. If it’s a wig you made, you can put two at the temples and one in the back, and this will help it to lay down and stay in place.

4. Wig band
Most wigs come with adjustable straps. These help your wigs to feel incredibly secure and will save your edges a ton. Just make sure the straps are tight but not too tight that it gives you a headache

5. Glue/Tape method
Glue and tape are both methods that are becoming popular again. They will help to keep the wig extremely secure, and you can even go swimming, exercising, or whatever else you please without having to worry about your wig flying off. Make sure you use the proper measures to take the wig off, so you don’t lose your edges.

Got2b glued is a method that is gaining in popularity. It’s like the glue/tape method except, it is a gel. This can save your edges if you remove it properly. A spritz of water and you’ll be ready to take it off.

Remember your foundation is vital to help your wig lay as flat as possible. You also need to pick the proper security to ensure that your secret is safe. Removal is important to keep your edges intact so follow those instructions.

Angela Tilghman, Hair lover, Writer, Intern, Kesini Beauty Bundles

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