Trendy Hairstyles to Welcome the Fall Season

We have finally kissed summer goodbye and fall has officially started. Fall is the time for  pumpkin spice, and where warm autumn colors illuminate the streets. Having a new, fall hairstyle is an excellent way to get into the spirit of autumn!  Experiment with your hair while the temperatures are cooler with a new low-maintenance weave. These three hairstyles are at the top of my list this season!

Vietnamese Yaki Straight Hair

If you are natural, but want to have a blown out look without compromise, Vietnamese Yaki Straight hair might be what you are looking for.With the weather cooling down, Yaki Straight hair can give you a subtle, classy look and easily blends with your natural hair. This beautiful look is attainable and is ideal for the transition into winter. Also, this hair is easy to maintain and gives you that silk press style with a little extra body and length. 

Braids or Faux Locs

Braids are not only good to wear during the summer! Faux locs are also a great style to wear. I love wearing locs temporarily. Braids and locs are manageable, versatile, and stylish. There are many different styles you can choose from high up-dos for those hot fall days or wear it down to keep you warm and cozy. One of the pluses about wearing braids or locs, there is not much for you to do. Most importantly, braids and locs are a connection to our African roots and allows us to celebrate our uniqueness with pride. Braids and locs are my personal favorite because they allow my hair to get a break from being manipulated and allow for rapid growth.

Kinky Curly Textures: 3C, 4A, & 4C

Do you have 3C or 4A or 4B hair? Wouldn't it be nice to just rock your naturalness with a little length or width? A nice way to protect your hair and wear a weave with leave out is to have a weave that matches your texture exactly. If you just did the "Big Chop," and you want some length, find a texture that matches your own texture will make the process go easier.

No need to have boring hair; life is too short! Change your hair with the seasons and wear it proudly.



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