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How to Rock Three Stylish and Trendy Hairstyles this Season

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 We have finally kissed summer goodbye and fall has officially started. Fall is the time for Halloween, pumpkin spice, and warm autumn colors illuminate the streets.  Having a new, fall hairstyle is an excellent way to get into the spirit of autumn! Installing a new trendy and stylish weave can set your fall off to the right start. Fall is the perfect time to be versatile and stylish. Experiment with your hair while the temperatures are cooler with a new low-maintenance weave. These three hairstyles are at the top of my list this season!

Long, Sleek, Bone Straight Hair

There is nothing like wearing long, smooth bone straight weave during the cooler months.  With the weather cooling down, long straight hair can give you a subtle, classy look. The bone straight style is versatile for casual everyday wear or a classy night out with your significant other, or a night on the town with your best girlfriends. This beautiful look is attainable and is ideal for the transition into winter. Also, the maintenance of this hair is perfect for the classic, yet trendy look.


Braids are not good to wear during the summer!  Similar to the long, sleek, and bone straight style; braids are manageable and very versatile. You can put it in a high up-do for those hot fall days or wear it down to keep you warm and cozy. You do not have to spend a lot of time doing your hair.  It is perfect for people on the run; especially college girls. Braids are a connection to our African roots and aid us in celebrating those roots through our hair! Braids are my personal favorite because they allow my hair to get a break from being manipulated and they allow for rapid growth.

Bouncy, Ombré Curls

You see a lot of curly styles worn in the summer. Curls can be worn all year round. Bouncy curls are fun, romantic and are head turners! Adding an ombré highlight to your curls will match the autumn colors. These curls give you a sassy look, and they are perfect for that cool weather. Big, full hair goes great with those perfect fall outfits such as long cardigans, jeans, and boots.  You can now maintain those bouncy curls without breaking a sweat every morning. The lower temperatures make this hairstyle ideal for a versatile look as well.     

No need to have boring hair; life is too short! Change your hair with the seasons and wear it proudly.

Enjoy the season,

Tatyana Booz

Hair Lover, Writer, Editor, and Blogger

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