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What I Love About Raw Hair!

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One of my most favorite hair extensions is raw hair extensions. I feel that they are more natural and look fuller when you wear them. The raw hair extensions are 100% unprocessed and are cut directly from the donor's head. 

Two of my favorite raw hair extensions are Cambodian wavy and Indian curly. I love them because they blend well with my natural hair and is easy to maintain. I've worn Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Indian straight hair extensions and Cambodian wavy is my absolute favorite. The reasons why I choose these two amongst the rest are given below:

Why I love Cambodian Wavy Hair Extensions?

Raw Cambodian hair is sourced from Cambodia and is available in straight and wavy. I've seen other vendors offering curly and I wanted to get my hands on then. I asked one of my vendors about it and she laughed and said, "I'm sorry, Dear, Cambodians do not have curly hair."

I love to wear curly hair, and since Cambodians don't have curly hair, I tried wavy and fell in love. I have found this type of extensions to match really well with my natural hair. These extensions have a medium to a low luster, very voluminous, and curls perfectly. The bundles were full, feels soft, and last a really long time. What was great is that I only needed 2 bundles. I just love them and the way my hair looks when I wear them.

Why are Indian Curly Hair Extensions My Favorite?


Raw Indian hair is sourced from India. However, Chinese vendors claim to offer Indian hair, and some may, but authentic Indian hair comes from India. Indian hair is one of the best quality hair and is highly preferred in the beauty industry. The hair is very light, easy to style, bouncy, and airy. Indian hair comes naturally in straight, curly, and natural wave styles. The Indian curls are famous because they have a natural curl patter with a lot of volume. 

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As I shared my favorite raw hair extensions with you, please comment below and share your favorites.

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