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Tips for Coloring Your Hair Extensions: Shush Don’t Tell your Hairstylist I Told You

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One can color the hair extensions when creating customized looks. However, some protocols should be taken care of while coloring hair. The following are the Do’s and Dont’s that you should take care of.

Tip #1: Do - Use Demi or Semi-Permanent Colors for Your Hair

Unlike Permanent hair colors, the semi and demi-permanent colors last for a few weeks (semi surviving 6-12 washes and demi surviving 10 to 25). So, if you want to frequently change the color of your extensions be sure that you use only demi or semi colors as they don’t stay long. On the other hand, semi and demi-permanent hair colors only deposits don't damage the hair cuticles.

Tip #2: Do - Decide on the Color that Matches Your Complexion

Always consider your complexion before applying hair color. Keep in mind that it is as important as choosing a lipstick. For example, the people with paler skin, warmer hair tones are complimentary. Whereas, those with darker or olive skin tones ashy colors look good. However, bold and pastel colors go well with any complexion... It is all up to you!

Tip #3: Do - Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Your hair should be moisturized from roots to tip. Use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo & conditioner to wash your hair and your extensions. To avoid damage or breakage, apply a moisture mask weekly. Use steaming and heating tools minimally.

Tip #4: Don’t - Highlight or Bleach with Over-the-Counter Products

Always use bleach or peroxide under the guidance of a professional hairstylist. You've made an investment, so do take chances with it.

Tip #5: Don’t - Over Wash Your Colored Hair

Overwashing can dry out your hair and the color. If you wash hair frequently, make sure to keep your hair moisturized.

Tip #6: Don’t - Never Color Your Extensions on Your Own

Mistakes happen, and you might not get the color you want. Don't worry, a professional hairstylist can come to the rescue. So, schedule an appointment with a professional to achieve the perfect color.


Your hair is an integral part of your look so take good care of them and follow the suggestions mentioned above to avoid damaging your hair and hair extensions.

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