The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Wigs: Wig Stand or Mannequin Head

Storing your Wigs and Weaves

When it comes to storage for our wigs and weaves, many don’t know how they should store them. Storing your wig, or weaves correctly allows for it to have longevity. The storage can make or break how often you will be able to wear it. I've noted a few tips below to help store your wigs so that you can have them for a long time.

These options are both super easy. If you have a curly wig or a straight wig you just curled, this is probably the best option. You can secure the unit with t-pins to make sure they don’t slide off at night, to maintain its shape and style. It also helps to decrease your time getting ready in the morning. You won’t have to look through your closet for you trusted wig. Just grab your wig and go.

Put it back in the packaging.
Many wig companies are now sending their wigs in durable boxes. If your wig, or extensions, come with a box that is sturdy, just place it back in the box. The box helps the hair stay fresh and away from the sunlight and dust.

Garment bag
Your wig is like your clothes so why not treat them like that? A garment bag is a good option. You can hang it up in your closet, and maybe have it near the clothes you will be wearing. Garment bags also help to keep away dirt, dust, and sunlight.

No matter how you choose to store your wigs and weaves, it’s important to remember that longevity is the goal. Remember to keep your wigs and extensions away from sunlight, dust, and dirt. These things will cause the hair damage. Plus, it will take you more time getting ready in the morning.

- Angela Tilghman, Hair lover, Writer, Intern, Kesini Beauty Bundles

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