The Shocking Truth about Buying Hair Extensions: How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Hair extensions can vary in price and be quite expensive. The costs typically range from $40 -$2,000 depending on many characteristics. Selecting the right company to purchase from can be daunting, frustrating, and annoying with the broad range of prices and selections. However, your preferences will play a significant part in the hair texture, origin, and the company you choose. Keep in mind quality over quantity. Wearing a weave is temporary, and it's vital for you to in hair that is not going to damage your natural hair. Today I am going to explore 3 factors determining the cost of your hair.

1) How Much Hair You Want?

The number of bundles, the texture, the length, and the origin will determine the overall cost of your purchase. For the most part, hair companies charge by the bundle. The hairstyle you choose will dictate how many bundles you need. A full weave will require a
minimum of 3 bundles. Many companies offer bundle deals to help with the cost of hair. Many people purchase frontals or closures in addition to the bundles, which will also increase the cost. However, purchasing premium quality hair will extend the life of your extensions, so you don't have to purchase them, too often.

2) Application

After purchasing your luxurious bundles, you have to find a professional to install your extensions, which is another fee. Depending on the method used, the stylist, or hair salon will determine the price. An example of the methods and costs are as follows: quick weave or glue method between $60 to $80; a sew-in/braid-in-bundles $100 to $500; tape-in $200 to $800; micro beading/fusion $1,000 to $2,500. Additionally, custom wigs, frontals, and closures can increase the cost.

3) Type of Hair

The demand for the best human hair extensions is on the rise! Customers expect quality hair extensions, and it comes with a price. Hair varies in textures, length, patterns, color, so on, and so forth. Therefore, the costs can range. Also, there is going to be a significant price variation of hair depending on its origins such as synthetic, Remy, and raw virgin hair. Synthetic hair is the cheapest, and the cost increases with the level of quality.

Knowing what you want and can afford is a significant part of your decision-making process.

Tatyana Booz
Hair Lover, Writer, Editor, and Blogger

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