How to Color Your Hair at Home

I hope you are safe and healthy during the global pandemic. COVID-19 has truly changed our lives and dealing with the loss of our family and friends is very difficult. If you are reading this post, I am thankful because you are still with us. Now with that said, COVID-19 has many of us sheltering-in-place and we can't get to the beauty salon to get our hair done. Summertime is quickly approaching and you might be itching to change your hair color, this blog will show you how to dye your hair, safely and without bleach. 

Tips for how to dye your hair without using bleach:

1. L'Oréal’s Hi-Color

What it is: L'Oréal’s Hi-Color is a box dye that is specifically formulated for dark hair. This permanent hair dye that comes in a variety of colors to include reds, violet & blacks, blondes, and browns.

How to use it: Pick the dye you want and a developer in either a 30 or 40 vol. Mix the two until it’s creamy consistency, apply, and let the dye do its job.

2. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair

What it is: This a semi-permanent vegan hair dye. It’s specifically formulated for darker hair. There’s a total of 27 colors that are extremely vibrant. This product also doesn’t require bleach, but unlike the hi-color, a developer isn’t needed.

How to use it: You can try out the sample packs to make sure it works. Saturate your hair with the dye, and leave it on for 30 – 60 minutes and then you can be a beautiful unicorn.

3. Splat’s Midnight Collection

What it is: This is a dye that’s formulated for brunette hair. It doesn’t require bleach at all! This a vegan and cruelty-free dye that comes in 3 colors.

How to use it: With this product, it’s best to watch the hair as you dye it because you might need to leave it in longer than the other dyes listed above. Everything you will need to use to dye your hair is included the box so you won’t have to buy anything extra.

4. Standard Box Dye

What it is: This is just your typical box dye that you can find anywhere. These do require bleach to get the most vibrant color. I like to use Cream of Nature along with a developer to jazz up my hair color.

How to use it: If you don’t want to bleach your hair, you can use the dye with a developer to get the most out of the color.  When dying your hair, you need to test it out on a section before you commit to that color. Testing on a small section allows you to see if the dye will work for your hair and how long you need to leave it on.


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