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Secrets of Human Hair Extensions' Companies: The Grading System: 6A to 10A

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The competitiveness of the human hair extensions industry has caused many vendors to create a grading system to differentiate the quality of human hair extensions. However, there is no universal standard or governing entity that grades the quality of the hair, which makes it difficult to trust the grading system. Hair extensions vary from vendor to vendor. Therefore, a vendor that sells 7A hair in comparison to a vendor with 8A can be relatively the same. Nonetheless, I will provide a break down of the different grades for this blog. It is crucial that you conduct your research as well and the best way to do that is to test the hair yourself. It is important to note that a grading system is a marketing tool, but it is alFor the most part, hair grading is a marketing tool to have consumers buy their products but, it is also a safe way to know which hair is of better quality. Let’s begin!

As of 2017, 6A is the new 5A hair. 5A hair is no longer considered great hair. 6A hair is now the lowest grade. 6A hair is a medium grade of human hair and usually lasts 3 to 6 months. It usually takes color, but nothing lighter than light to medium brown, without causing little damage. This hair is affordable and suitable for person that cannot commit to one hairstyle. With proper care, it can remain in good condition after being manipulated (i.e., dying, curling, or straightening). It does take more time to style and maintain, because of the need for the product to sustain the hair. Additionally, this grade hair is more prone to tangling, especially after more than 6 washes.

7A hair is considered to be very high-grade hair. The 100% human hair has strong hair shafts and provides a natural luster; these hair extensions can last a person from 12 to 18 months with the proper care. It can be dyed to up to a platinum blonde without any damage to the hair. Also due to the strong hair shafts, 7A hair is usually bouncy and voluminous and is an ideal choice for protective styling. Unlike 6A hair, 7A hair is more expensive, but reasonable for quality hair.

8A hair and 9A are technically the same when it comes to its characteristics. Both of these hair grades are 100% unprocessed virgin Remy human hair. The cuticles are faced in the same direction, and the hair shaft is relatively strong. 8A and 9A grade hair can last as long as 2 years and can be dyed to platinum blonde and remain healthy. These grades are excellent for color and heated styles such as curls, waves, and straightening. 8A and 9A are versatile, long-lasting, not prone to much shedding and tangling, and the ends of the hair are also much thicker, and it has less short hairs in comparison to 6A and 7A. 8A and 9A are more expensive but can last a long time, saving you money in the long run.

10A hair is the highest quality hair. Similar to 8A and 9A hair, it is 100% unprocessed hair. It is thick and strong and great for very long hair or very curly hair. The maintenance is relatively easy and the best hair you can buy in the market. It is also the most expensive hair in the market. However, this hair can last you 2 years and beyond! The price is definitely worth the saved time and money.

Although, I have given you the characteristics of the different hair grades it is essential to research the companies that are selling the hair you want to purchase. By the way, Kesini only sells 10A grade hair. We only want the best for our Kesini women.

Happy shopping!!

Tatyana Booz
Hair Lover, Writer, Editor, and Blogger
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