How to Save Money Buying 100% Human Hair Extensions


Buying 100% virgin hair can get pricey! In addition to, buying the hair, you have to get it installed by someone else; Lord knows that is another arm and leg! But, purchasing virgin hair is one of the best investments you can make. Buying cheap extensions can cost you a lot of money because you end up replacing it in a month or less.  NO BUENO! So, I am going to fill you in on why I have no problem dropping a little check on my hair extensions.

1)    Natural & Versatile

Investing in higher quality hair allows you to have a more natural look. Many people will wonder if it is your natural hIt will have more people wondering if your extensions are growing from your scalp. Also, you can do so much more when your hair is of higher quality. Just imagine flat ironing weave that is not authentically human, imagine the horrendous transformation it will start to undergo due to those harsh heats. It limits you from exploring with your weave’s potential and doing out of the box hairstyles while maintaining a natural appearance. And, your weave will look healthier and shinier compared to synthetic or Remy hair.

2)    Long-Lasting

Purchasing high quality guarantees an extended lifespan. Many people and I have many extensions just hanging in their closet waiting to be worn again. High-quality extensions can be worn over and over again while keeping its beautiful shape. It will look as if you just bought a fresh new pack of hair. With the proper maintenance, your extensions are bound to last you 6 months to a year! Having quality extensions can allow you to invest in variety and have a wide array of choices. The more quality hair you have, the better!

3)    Saves Money

At the moment, paying almost 200 to 300 dollars for extensions can seem a little steep but, the money you save in the long run will have you singing hallelujah! The fact that someone changes their weave every three months due to its damage adds up. If you invest in premium quality, you can save your money for that new pair of shoes you have been waiting to buy. Also, purchasing 3A grade hair is still not as cheap as it may sound. These bundles can cost you at least $50 a bundle, and you are stuck buying more in 2 weeks or less because the hair is not up to par. Remember the saying “Quality over Quantity” well that holds true for high-quality hair.

There is no problem with investing in yourself! As women, we deserve to feel comfortable in our skin, and if that means splurging on the finest extensions I suggest you do what your heart desires!


Tatyana Booz

Hair lover, blogger, writer, and editor

Hair Lover, Writer, Editor, and Blogger

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