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How to Restore Your Lace Closure and or Frontal

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Mistakes can happen when installing your closure or frontal. Of course, you begin to stress and wonder if you need to buy another closure or frontal. Don’t stress yourself about it. We have some tips to help you restore that closure or frontal and to help you save some money.

PROBLEM: Blading Frontal and or Closure

The last thing you want is to do to put on your wig or look at your sew-in and realize the lace is beginning to bald. That’s not cute, and then you start to wonder how it happened in the first place. Baldness can come from over plucking or constant manipulation. No one wants to leave the house knowing that they have a wide part.  We have a solution for that though

SOLUTION: Add concealer or foundation to the area along with a black eyeshadow or mascara on the hair. The concealer will help the lace to match your scalp and the eyeshadow, or mascara helps to fill in the missing hair, so no one will know the lace is balding.

PROBLEM:  Orange Knots

Orange knots typically happen when bleach wasn’t left on the lace long enough. This is a super easy fix, but it may require you to spend some money if you don’t have the products on hand.

SOLUTION: Shampoo with a purple shampoo or one formulated for blonde hair

The shampoo will remove any, and all, brassiness that is on the lace.

PROBLEM: Over bleached knots

Over bleaching is a common mistake that many make. This typically happens if bleach was left on for too long or it seeped through the lace and landed on the hair.

SOLUTION: Black hair dye or tweezers

If the bleach seeped through the lace and onto the hair, you could tweeze those few blonde strands out.  However, if the knots were over bleached, take some black hair dye and a mascara wand and run it over the roots, carefully.

These are just a few problems people face when working with lace closures. To ensure the longevity of a frontal or closure, you should invest in Top Loc Knot Sealer. This is a spray that will help decrease shedding, which can cause balding, in the frontal or closure. You want to protect your investment. Luckily, any mistake made can be fixed easily. Remember to take your time when you’re dealing with a closure so you can avoid going back in and fixing a small mistake.


Angela Tilghman, Hair lover, Writer, Intern, Kesini Beauty Bundles

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