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How To Make Your Wig Look Like It's Growing Out Of Your Scalp

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Lace front wigs are becoming a trend among many wig wearers. The benefit of wearing lace fronts is that it looks like it's growing from your scalp. Additionally, lace fronts allows you for parting wherever you want adding to the natural look. and allows you to part your hair. If you are wondering how to make your wig look like it is growing out of your scalp, read more and find out how to ensure your lace front lace wigs are flawless.

Follow a few of our suggestions for making your lace fronts look natural.

Step #1: Put the wig on your head with the lace and everything else. Placement of the hair is critical. Some wearers place their wigs way above their hairline which makes it look fake. Place the wig closer to your natural hairline.

Step #2: You can also put the wig on to a mannequin to see how natural the hair looks. So in order to make the wig natural, it is suggested to re-create the baby hair on the lace front wig too. Get an eyebrow razor and start to razor the back and the front. The natural hairline will appear as the hair thins out from the hairline.

Step #3: Plucking or tweezing of the hairline is a must to achieve a more natural hairline. Most lace fronts come with baby hair, which blends in with your edges. The wig will have some narrow parts which will look really fake.

Step #4: You’re almost done. Now try the wig on your head and make sure it looks natural. You are now ready to style!

Contact us for more information on how to make your lace front wig look natural. We are always happy to assist you.

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