Make Your Full or Lace Front Wig Look Realistic

Full Lace and Lace front wigs are becoming a trend among many wig wearers. The benefit of wearing lace fronts is that it looks like it's growing from your scalp. Additionally, lace fronts allow you to part your hair wherever you want to add to the natural look. If you are wondering how to make your wig look like it is growing out of your scalp, read more, and find out how to ensure your lace front wigs are flawless.

Follow a few of our suggestions to make your wigs look more realistic and natural.

Step #1: Bleach the knots. Many wigs are already bleached and pre-plucked; if the knots have not been bleached, it is suggested that you do it for a seamless and more realistic look. Bleaching the knots helps to improve the appearance of the hairline. However, if you are not careful, you can damage the hair, weaken the roots, and lessen the lace's durability. Things you will need:

  • Bleach
  • Developer- Clairol Professional Soy 4 Plex Pure White Creme Developer, 30 volume
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Mixing Bowl and Spatula
  • Flat Application Brush
  • Canvas Head
  • Plastic Cap
  • T-pins
  • Plastic bowl

Step #2: Use gloves when mixing chemicals. Mix equal parts bleach and developer in a mixing bowl. The mixture should be thick when you apply the mixture to the front of your lace front wig and the front and back of your full lace wig, using the application brush to make sure the bleach doesn't seep through. Your mixture should not be runny if it is, put some more powder in it. 

Step #2a: Turn your full or lace frontal wig inside the cap out and place onto a canvas head and secure it with T-pins. I suggest putting a plastic cap onto the canvas first. Use the applicator brush to apply a minimal amount of the mix onto the knots, starting from the front of the wig and move back systematically to avoid missing any knots. Let the mixture sit as per the manufacturer's directions (10-15- minutes) and rinse the areas where you've bleached thoroughly with cold water.

Step 2b: Remove the plastic cap from the mannequin and place the wig onto it, to air dry. 

Step 3: After the hair has dried, it is time to create a natural and realistic hairline. Many companies sell pre-plucked wigs, but they still need some customization to suit your preference. Things you will need:

  • Tweezers
  • Mousse
  • Canvas or Styrofoam Head
  • T-pins
  • Butterfly Clips
  • Comb
  • Scissors or Razor
  • Blow Dryer
  • Edge Control 
  • Edge Brush or Toothbrush
  • Got2B Blasting Freeze Hair Spray
  • Edge Wrap Strip

Step 3a: Place the wig on your head. Placement of the lace is critical. Some people place their wigs way above their hairline, which makes it look fake. We suggest placing the lace wig closer to your natural hairline. Once you are satisfied with the placement, place the wig back onto the canvas head or and secure with T-pins.

Step 3b: Butterfly clips help push back the excess hair so you can concentrate on the areas you would like to pluck. Use tweezers to pluck to thin out the hairline to give it a natural look. When plucking makes sure to do it fast and don't stay in one spot. You don't want to have bald spots. The natural hairline will appear as the hair thins out from the hairline. There are many YouTube videos you can learn from.

Step #4: You're almost done. Now try the wig on your head and make sure it looks natural. If you need to do some additional plucking, you can do it while it is on your head to customize it further. Now it is time to set your baby hairs. 

Step 5: Most wigs come with baby hair; if not, you can make your own. Either way, you will want to customize it. You will need to trim the lace first using sharp scissors or razors. You don't want to cut off too much lace and ruin your investment. Take your time and do it small sections with a steady hand. You want to cut close to the hairline without cutting the hair. 

Step 5a: Clip your hair on both sides of the wig and create a natural part, either a middle or side part. After I decide where I want the part to be, I use a little mousse to make it easier to manage.

Step 5b: Use mousse and edge control to lay down your baby with a comb or edge brush or toothbrush. I've used Eco Styler Gel and Gorilla Snot, both works. I then spray Got2B Freeze Hair Spray and blow-dry. I wrap the edge wrap strip around my head and let it sit for 10-15 minutes if I am doing my hair during the day. If it is at night, I wrap my hair with silk or satin scarf and remove the wrap in the morning. 

Step 6: Now, it is time to style your hair. Oftentimes, you will need to tint or use make-up to polish off the look. I've used make-up and tint spray. I prefer using the tinted spray, which I make using Rit Fabric dye in dark brown and water. I have it a spray bottle, and I just spray it own the lace, along with Go2B Blasting Freeze Hairspray. I use a blow dryer to set the tint and go about my business. 

Our wigs are pre-plucked and bleached to make it easier for you. Even though we recommend that you pluck it a little more to ensure that it is perfect for you. If you have any questions about our collections, feel free to drop me a line or send a message on our chat line.

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