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How to Make Clip-Ins in Less than 10 Minutes

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There are days where we do not want to have extensions sewn into our hair, and we want the luxury to take our hair out whenever we please. Clip-ins are hair extensions for thin hair and can add a fuller and voluminous look! Before we can start with how to make your hair clip extensions, let me tell you a little about clip-ins:

Clip-ins are extensions that are not sewn onto the hair. There are clips attached to the weft of the weave that is removable anytime you, please. These are great for temporary wear and allow for thin hair to look thick and healthy. If you have some old hair just lying around, that needs wearing, adding some clips to it is the perfect way to have a quick hairstyle handy.

Materials needed:

-    Weave/Extensions

-    Hair Bonding Glue

-    Wig Clips

-    Scissors

-    Needle

-    Thread

-    Measuring Tape

-    Sewing Machine (optional if you do not want to double weft your weave by hand)

Step 1: Measure

-    Using measuring tape, you want to measure the width of the places you want to add your clip-ins to. Once you have received the measurements, you want to reflect those measurements onto your weave. Once you solidify those measurements you want, to cut each piece to your desired length.

Step 2: Double Weft

-    To secure your clips to your extensions have it needs to have a double weft. There are three ways you can achieve this. The first choice is to apply hair bonding glue (Gorilla glue works as well) to the wefts and attach it. The second option, you can use needle and thread to attach the wefts. Align the two pieces of weave and start off at the end of the weft, knotting the thread, and creating a loop motion with the thread going across the weft to secure the two. The third option is to sew the wefts together with a mini sewing machine.

Step 3: Attach the clips

-    Using your needle and thread, you are going to sew on at least 3-4 clips in order to ensure that the clips stay secure! The wig clips come with tiny holes in embedded in them, and these holes allow the needle and thread to go through and secure them onto the wefts. You want to sew on the clips to the weft of the hair and to secure them tightly. You can also add some glue on the back of the clips and attach them to the wefts for some extra security.

Step 4: Place the Clips

-    Once you have successfully secured the clips onto your wefts, you want to place them in the places you measured on your head.  Now you have long, full hair with three easy steps!!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Be your beholder and don’t let anyone tell you are not beautiful!


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