3 Weaving Techniques to Help Preserve Your Natural Hair


As we oftentimes, view our hair as a reflection of our identity, beauty, example of our femininity. As women, we like to change our hair as much as we do our clothing, shoes, etc. Purchasing and wearing quality hair extensions enhances our natural beauty and gives us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. However, wearing hair extensions can damage our natural hair if not installed correctly or the wrong weave technique has been used, or has not been properly maintained.  Below we’re going to discuss 3 types of weaving techniques you can consider before getting your new weave installed:

1. Braid-in-Bundles: “The game changer”

What it is: 

Braid-in-bundles are the newcomer on the block of weaves. It’s a new technique that stylists are using instead of doing a traditional sew-in. Mainly, there’s hair that’s left out on the weft and is meant to be braided into your natural hair. So, to put into perspective, think about getting box braids, or some other braided style. It’s extremely similar to that except the braid is at the root. 


This technique allows the install to look flawless and natural. It also cuts down install time. A regular sew-in service can take anywhere from 2 – 4 hours, this includes possible washing of the natural hair, braiding, sewing the hair weft onto the braid, cutting and styling the hair. Since the bundles are being braided into the hair, it saves time and can be installed in about an hour.

2. Tape in Extensions

What it is:

Tape in extensions is a type of extension that is applied to a small section of hair. The tape is double-sided tape. One panel is placed on top while the other is placed on the bottom and they’re pressed together to create the length or color one desires.


Tape in extensions can also look incredibly natural. They also don’t require a lot of time for install, since there’s no braiding involved. They’re even super easy to remove. You can use olive oil to get it out gently, which doesn’t cause as much damage on the hair.

3. Micro Loop Extensions

What it is:

Micro Loop extensions are extensions that have a small plastic loop on the top, the loop is where a track would be on a sew in extension. The loop is secured using plier-like tools are used to secure the loop to the hair.


Micro Loop extensions are undetectable and won’t cause damage to your hair.

No matter the weaving technique you choose, it’s essential that you consider protecting your natural hair by consulting a professional stylist. When selecting a technique, it is important that you can maintain your natural hair underneath your weave and that it can be removed easily. There are more techniques that can be used than the 3 listed and I encourage you to continue researching the best one for you.  

- Angela Tilghman, Hair lover, Writer, Intern, Kesini Beauty Bundles

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