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A Cheat Sheet for Choosing Between Synthetic and 100% Human Hair

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Weave can transform any type of hair to long luscious locks! Women from all walks of life wear weave extensions to accentuate their appearance. Many women either opt for the synthetic or human hair but, whatever the choice may be it is essential to understand the upkeep of each option. Your key decisions are based on your personal preference and your personal experiences with the hair and which ones you prefer. Here is a cheat sheet on determining the significant differences between synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is technologically made hair usually made up of plastic fibers. The color, the texture, and the pattern are all factory made to resemble real human hair. With technological advances, synthetic hair is starting to take the form of human hair when it comes to texture and pattern but, don’t be fooled. Synthetic hair lacks versatility and the ability to be styled with heat. Also, synthetic hair is affordable and low-maintenance. Depending on your lifestyle needs, synthetic hair may be a good option for you but, the hair does not last very long. With the uprising of affordable human hair, synthetic hair is on the decline but, very much still in style. Synthetic hair is the perfect choice for many of my frugal 'sistas' that have no problem purchasing and rocking hair extensions from a beauty supply store.

Human Hair

Human hair is usually hair that is donated from a donor and put on a weft at the factory. This hair type allows for a natural look and feel. The color, texture, and pattern can be manipulated, unlike synthetic hair. Also, 100% human hair provides for longer lifespan and versatility. For instance, human hair can take any temperature heat to achieve the desired style. There is a significant price difference between synthetic and human hair; human hair is durable and lasts longer. With the proper maintenance, your human hair can last anywhere from 6 months to a 1 year, or even more if it is treated with tender, love, and care (i.e., gentle wash routine).  If you have an intricate hairstyle in mind, human hair may be the route in which you take. Having human weave hair requires more attention but, the result is definitely worth the money and the time.

Best Hair Extensions:

  • Brazilian
  • Peruvian
  • Malaysian

Your hair is more than just your appearance; it is your identity, your power! Rock your crown with pride!


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