A Cheat Sheet: Synthetic or 100% Human Hair

A weave can transform your look from a short bob to a long cascading curls. Many women choose to wear weaves to change up their hairstyle or protect their their natural hair. You can use human or synthetic hair to achieve your desire look. Whichever, hair type you select it is essential that you understand how to take care of your hair properly. You will make your decision based on your personal preference and your budget. In the meantime, here is a cheat sheet that will help you make the right choice for you. 

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is made up of plastic fibers. The color, the texture, and the pattern are all factory made to resemble real human hair. With technological advances, synthetic hair looks and feels a lot like human hair. However, synthetic hair lacks versatility and some brands you cannot use heat. Synthetic hair is affordable and low-maintenance, but is no long-lasting. If you are on a budget, synthetic hair is the perfect choice.

Human Hair

Human hair is usually hair that is donated from a donor and put on a weft at the factory. This hair type allows for a natural look and feel. The color, texture, and pattern can be manipulated, unlike synthetic hair. Also, 100% human hair provides for a longer lifespan and versatility. Keep in mind, there is a significant price difference between synthetic and human hair. Quality human hair is durable and can last two years or longer, with proper maintenance and care. It is important that you take care of your investment like you would your own hair. That means washing and conditioning your hair with quality products. 




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