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3 Massive Mistakes People Make When Wearing Weave!

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Many women wear hair extensions or weave to give us an extra boost of confidence. Weave provides instant length and fullness, or even colors without having to add chemicals to achieve a new look. Hair extensions are a great way to protect your natural hair while given you different looks. It is important to know that your extensions are your friend and not your enemy. Therefore, it is important that you know that wearing a weave is an investment in time and money. Make sure to treat your extensions with a lot of TLC and have them installed by a professional. The 3 Massive Mistakes People Make When Wearing a Weave are keeping the bundles in too long, not protecting their hairline, and purchasing and using low-cost products.

1. Bundles Are Attached Too Long

Your hairstylist did a great job installing your weave, and it still looks good after 8 weeks... and you wish they could stay in forever. Sorry, hair extensions are temporary and can only last for so long. If you've purchased quality hair extensions, then your hair can last up to 2 years with the proper care and maintenance. However, your install should only be in for a minimum of 6 weeks and no more than 8 weeks. Within 4 weeks you will begin to experience new growth which loosens the track. As your track loosens, it will pull on your natural hair causing it to break. Your hair will no longer look beautiful, and it will be harder to maintain. Leaving your extensions in too long will cause your natural hair to become dry and brittle. Your scalp and hair need time to breathe from the extensions and needs to be cleaned, moisturized, and conditioned. So, your best bet is to err on the side of healthy hair; always.

2. Not Protecting the Hairline

There are different methods used to install hair extensions. One process known as a sew-in includes braiding the natural hair to be used as a foundation. One of the most common mistakes is braiding the hair too tight along the hairline. Your edges and or hairline is the most delicate part of your hair and is prone to breakage. The extra weight of the weave along hairline often leads to thinning edges and hair breakage. Ways to avoid damage in this area is to leave it out, do not use heat on it, and find a good edge control to control those edges. Also, it is important to use oils such as Black Jamaican Castor Oil daily to ensure that those edges are continuously protected.

3. Purchasing Low-Quality Products

The number one massive mistake people make when wearing a weave is buying poor quality hair extensions and products. The type of hair extensions and products purchased are essential in the overall lifespan of the weave and your natural hair. For instance, if you decide to buy pack hair from the beauty supply store chances are the hair is not going to last more than 2 weeks. It will be ideal for quick weave, but not for a long-time investment. Before purchasing the perfect tresses, allow yourself an ample amount of time to research different brands, textures, types, etc. Quality hair extensions are not cheap and are an investment. Do not allow yourself to settle for less; you deserve the best hair.

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